Repair your broken zipper within seconds!

ZlideOn - The zipper revolution
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Find the suitable ZlideOn for your broken zipper:

Table of sizes

Repair your broken zipper in 3 steps:

Detach broken slider, attach Zlideon slider - as easy as the ABC!

Repair your broken zipper in 3 steps:

Why ZlideOn?

  • You don't have to detach the whole zipper and sew a new one, only because of a broken slider. Simply remove the old slider and put in a ZlideOn.
  • Every ZlideOn slider is made of high quality materials (zinc die casting and spring steel). Therefore the slider does not wear out and there are no deformations or fractures.

Important: The teeths of the zipper have to be intact, otherwise the repair with a ZlideOn will not succeed. 

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